Enterprise introduction

Yayui focuses on providing professional, high-speed, stable and easy-to-use trading software and tools for investment institutions and individual investors. Adhering to the innovative, safe, concise and rapid product development ideas, we have collected a variety of original innovative technologies and management methods, and independently developed the "yishin trading system". Yishin system has built a trading, management and risk control system that integrates the core trading system, management system, PC trading terminal, mobile APP trading terminal and risk control system.

Yahui has always been committed to optimize and improve the customer's trading and service experience, to become a first-tier trading platform for its own responsibility, in order to achieve this goal, the company continues to strengthen research and development investment, attract outstanding talents in the industry, explore the industry's cutting-edge technology and products, and always maintain the leading level of products in the industry. In addition to providing customers with high quality trading software and fast and efficient service support, we continue to improve and improve the yishin trading system, so that it can adapt to the various actual trading needs of investors.

Looking forward to the future, Hong Kong yixin will fully grasp the development trend of the global capital market, with professional technology, innovative products, rich industry experience and customer-oriented service attitude, for your transactions escort, let your transactions become more simple.

Along with the high-speed development of the international economy, professional rapid growth in demand for investment and financial product innovation gradually rising, China's capital market specialization and internationalization has become inevitable, escape letter in such a background in Hong Kong international financial center, is committed to China's investment institutions and investors to provide professional investment tools, power internationalization and specialization of capital investment in China

Our services

  • Technology team services

    We have a mature technology framework, implement one-to-one private customized project team around service, ensure that your project and your needs zero distance fit, and get the best project implementation.
  • Online after sales service

    Provide 7 * 24-hour real-time hotline and online service! Ensure that customer service requests are resolved quickly and efficiently
  • Basic implementation services

    According to its own complexity, information maturity, application level and demand, customized development system functions and planned server security topology
  • Operation and maintenance service

    Master common fault handling, daily test and operation and maintenance protection to ensure normal, safe and stable operation of the system。